Introducing "Shifting Gears," a dynamic website template tailored specifically for members of ASI, with a particular focus on enthusiasts within the automotive promotional industry. Taking charge of both design and backend development, I spearheaded the creation of this versatile platform.​​​​​​​
When crafting the design of this template, my primary aim was to infuse it with a modern aesthetic while exuding a distinctly masculine feel. Embracing minimalism, I opted for a monochromatic palette to maintain a sleek and sophisticated look. Bold typography takes center stage, commanding attention and conveying a sense of strength and authority.
Throughout the layout, ample white space serves to enhance readability and highlight key elements, ensuring a seamless user experience. By marrying simplicity with boldness, this design strikes the perfect balance, catering to the preferences of modern users while maintaining a masculine edge.The template is offered with 9 different color palette options. You can preview them here by hovering over the Shifting Gears icon and selecting color options.
This template also includes 3 custom banners and 4 custom product category tiles to continue with the automotive industry theme.
To preview the live demo site for yourself, please click here.

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