The copy for this piece was written by a copywriter at ASI, I was responsible for creating this Content Marketing piece in the program, Ion Interactive. Following strict brand guidelines from Raining Rose and product images provided, I was challenged to create an attractive educational piece to show popular promotional lip balm trends for 2020. 
This content marketing piece does use one of the older gated form, that was a full page that you had to fill out before entering the main piece. Its easy to see why I was challenged to created the pop-up gated form that is used in other pieces on my portfolio. 
This was the first piece created for Raining Rose new branding that they introduced in early 2020. Personally, I loved their new branding, so I had a great amount of fun creating this piece and the little ingredient illustrations found at the bottom of the page.
To preview this content marketing piece yourself, you can preview it here.
(This CMS piece was created with the old gated form, to continue viewing the piece, please feel free to fill out the fields with: Test)

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