Crafted by a skilled copywriter at ASI, the narrative for this Content Marketing piece set the stage for a playful journey. Tasked with bringing this vision to life, I took charge of creating the piece using the versatile capabilities of Ion Interactive. With DFS as a client known for embracing our creative flair, we were granted the freedom to explore imaginative themes, such as the "Promo Matchmaker" released around Valentine's Day 2020.
Though created before the advent of pop-up gated forms in our Content Marketing pieces, we integrated game show music into the form to enhance the theme's ambiance. Collaborating closely with the copywriter, we dove deep into a fun game show concept where promos found their perfect matches. Leveraging hovers within the webpage, I created an interactive experience where matching promos were hidden behind doors, inviting end-users to discover them and adding a layer of engagement to the piece.
To preview the ungated version (no form to fill out) content marketing piece yourself, you can preview it here.
"Promo Matchmaker" Email Marketing mockup

Please respect that part of this email has been edited out to hide client information. 

Following client approval, a digital index was meticulously crafted to organize the content seamlessly. Collaborating with the copywriter, I ensured the copy resonated with the theme. Subsequently, I designed and coded a captivating marketing email, featuring animation in the header section for added impact. The final product was then uploaded to Paradot for distribution to the client's seed list, culminating in a dynamic and memorable marketing campaign.
Click here to view the digital index version. 

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