The copy for this piece was written by a copywriter at ASI, I was responsible for creating this Content Marketing piece in the program, iOn Interactive. 
This client wanted to introduce themselves into the promotional work by promoting themselves with their Minnesota pride. They provided my copywriter and myself with a list of all things Minnesota, and out of that grew the lumberjack and bison illustration that is seen throughout this piece.
 They loved the illustrations so much that they have since adapted the lumberjack into their own branding, which can be seen on their websites, social posts and trade show displays.
The illustrations were started with a stock image, but quickly grew into custom illustrations done in Adobe Illustrator as I introduced different poses throughout this campaign and more.
This campaign uses a "story-book" layout, as you can click on category tiles and then through each page to read the information presented. Each page is displayed below.
To preview this content marketing piece yourself, you can preview it here.
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Please respect that part of this email has been edited out to hide client information. 

A digital index is created after the client approves the content marketing piece. My copywriter writes copy that relates to the piece to which I then design and code a marketing email which we then upload to Paradot to send out to the client's seed list. 
Click here to view the digital index version. 

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