Crafted by a talented copywriter at ASI, the engaging narrative for this Content Marketing piece laid the foundation for an immersive journey. Leveraging the innovative capabilities of iOn Interactive, I took the reins to bring this story to life.
Drawing inspiration from previous collaborations with Fey Promo, (view here) the beloved lumberjack and bison mascots made a triumphant return, this time starring in a spine-tingling tale of horror. Building upon their established presence, I meticulously crafted new poses for the lumberjack, breathing fresh life into the characters.
But the creativity didn't stop there. To enhance the storytelling experience, I delved into the realm of Adobe AfterEffects, animating graphics throughout the piece to add a dynamic flair. As a final touch, a haunting melody was woven into the header, amplifying the interactive fun and immersing users in the narrative.
From concept to execution, this project exemplifies the power of collaboration and innovation, delivering a content experience that captivates and resonates with audiences across platforms.
To preview this content marketing piece yourself, you can preview it here.
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