Introducing the inaugural Content Marketing campaign for our client in 2022! Adhering closely to their brand guidelines, we've seamlessly integrated contemporary web trends to elevate the overall presentation.
One notable feature is the consistent use of large fonts, particularly evident in each section header. This deliberate choice not only aligns with current web design trends but also serves to enhance readability and draw attention to key points.
By striking a balance between brand consistency and modern design elements, this campaign sets the stage for a compelling and impactful content journey.
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Please respect that part of this email has been edited out to hide client information. 

Here's a refined version:
Once the client greenlights the content marketing piece, the next step is the creation of a digital index. Our talented copywriter crafts engaging copy that seamlessly ties into the essence of the piece. Drawing inspiration from this copy, I meticulously design and code a captivating marketing email.
Leveraging our expertise, we transform ideas into visually stunning and highly functional email campaigns. Upon completion, the email is seamlessly integrated into Pardot for distribution to the client's seed list.
This collaborative process ensures that every aspect of the campaign, from concept to delivery, is executed flawlessly, driving engagement and fostering meaningful connections with our audience.
Click here to view the digital index version. 

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