The copy for this piece was written by a copywriter at ASI, I was responsible for creating this Content Marketing piece in the program, Ion Interactive.
Adhering strictly to DFS brand guidelines and armed with the provided product images, I embarked on a mission to create interactive sales calendars that seamlessly blend form and function. Each section boasts a dynamic calendar, adorned with clickable dates that unlock a treasure trove of holiday-themed promotional product selling ideas at the user's fingertips.
The challenge was twofold: to ensure a seamless desktop experience with clickable calendars and to optimize mobile viewing despite iOn's backend limitations. While the calendars retain their interactive charm on desktop, mobile users are treated to a carousel showcasing different holidays for each month, ensuring accessibility and engagement across all devices.
Through meticulous design and strategic problem-solving, we've transformed a simple concept into a powerful sales tool that not only captivates but also drives conversions.
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