Crafted by a talented copywriter at ASI, the narrative for this Content Marketing piece laid the groundwork for an engaging journey. As the creator, I utilized the versatile capabilities of Ion Interactive to bring this vision to life. With DFS as a client known for embracing our creative prowess, we were afforded the freedom to explore exciting themes, such as the "Sales Passport" guide.
The concept of the "sales passport" cleverly plays on the versatility of promotional printing, showcasing its potential to elevate businesses. This theme inspired me to design travel-themed backgrounds and boarding tickets for each section, adding a touch of whimsy and coherence to the piece.
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Please respect that part of this email has been edited out to hide client information. 

Following client approval, a digital index is meticulously crafted to organize the content seamlessly. From there, I collaborate with my copywriter to ensure the copy resonates with the piece. Once complete, I design and code a captivating marketing email, featuring animation in the header section for an added layer of engagement. The final product is then uploaded to Pardot for distribution to the client's seed list, culminating in a dynamic and impactful marketing campaign.
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