The copy for this piece was written by a copywriter at ASI, I was responsible for creating this Content Marketing piece in the program, Ion Interactive. DFS is one of the clients that knows our content marketing works, so they allow us to have more creative freedom, which has allowed for us to create many fun themes for their pieces. This is one of the, a "Sales Passport" guide.
The "sales passport" is a play on all the aspects of promotional printing and what it can do for the end-users business. The theme allowed for me to create travel backgrounds as well as the boarding tickets for each sections. 
To view an ungated (no form to fill out) version of the content marketing piece, click here.

Please respect that part of this email has been edited out to hide client information. 

A digital index is created after the client approves the content marketing piece. My copywriter writes copy that relates to the piece to which I then design and code a marketing email which we then upload to Paradot to send out to the client's seed list. 
This email features animation in the header section when viewing the live version.
Click here to view the digital index version. 

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