Introducing Waave, the ride-share service in NYC revolutionizing transportation while supporting local taxi drivers. As part of the Taxi and Limousine Commission, Waave is dedicated to enhancing the ride experience for both drivers and passengers alike. Our latest 360° campaign, staying true to our brand colors, highlights the myriad perks of choosing Waave for your travels. From billboards to posters and across social media platforms, we showcase the convenience, reliability, and affordability of riding with Waave. But that's not all – we're excited to unveil our new rewards program within the app, designed to incentivize and reward our valued customers for their continued support. Join us in reshaping the future of transportation with Waave, where every ride counts towards supporting your local community.​​​​​​​

Transit Poster: Bus Shelter
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In-App Rewards Program
A loyalty program was created within the app. Experience the app yourself here. Please note that only links that direct to the loyalty app work.
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